Where I live now

My Personal Interests

Some of my favorite places to visit

My Favorite Types of Music

My Favorite Shows

Show Name Played on Still Playing? Last Updated
24TV, AmazonY2018-05-10 00:35:07
Almost HumanTVN2018-05-09 16:52:09
AnonNetflixY2018-05-10 00:38:45
CastleTVN2018-05-09 16:40:36
Command & ControlNetflixY2018-07-28 18:08:23
CopsTVY2018-05-09 16:40:51
CSITVN2018-05-09 16:55:03
CSI: CyberTVN2018-05-09 16:55:03
First 48TVY2018-05-09 16:47:47
Fixer UpperTVY2018-05-09 16:52:07
Flip or FlopTVY2018-05-09 16:52:08
Forensic FilesTV, NetflixY2018-05-10 00:35:06
ForeverTVN2018-05-09 16:55:02
Hawaii Five-OTVY2018-05-09 16:52:08
Heavy Rescue 401NetflixY2018-05-10 00:50:26
Highway thru HellNetflixY2018-05-10 00:50:25
Ice Road RescueNetflixY2018-05-10 01:08:43
Income PropertyTVY2018-05-09 16:52:07
King & MaxwellTVN2018-05-09 16:52:08
Locked upTVY2018-05-10 00:38:23
Lost in SpaceNetflixY2018-05-10 00:35:07
Madam SecretaryTV, NetflixY2018-05-10 00:35:06
NCISTV, NetflixY2018-05-10 00:19:15
NCIS:Los AngelesTVY2018-05-09 16:47:47
NCIS:New OrleansTVY2018-05-09 16:47:47
PerceptionTVN2018-05-09 16:55:03
Property BrothersTVY2018-05-10 00:35:06
Star Trek: Next GenerationTV, NetflixY2018-05-10 00:25:40
Star Trek: VoyagerTV, NetflixN2018-05-10 00:23:11
Stranger ThingsNetflixY2018-05-10 00:54:33
UnforgettableTVN2018-05-09 16:47:47

Current Projects

I usually dont have anything to report in this section, but I am learning PHP, so I can make mass improvements to this website. I am very excited on what I can do to improve the site.

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