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How in the world do I connect to IRC?
Download one of the clients above and then configure it to connect to The specific directions on how to configure each client will be available on that clients website. You can also connect using the IRC Webclient listed above
I want to connect to the Secure port in mIRC, how do I do that?
You need to put a + sign in front of the port number, ex. +6697, this way mIRC knows it needs to enable SSL
I have a client that I would like you to include on your list, who do I contact to do that?
Please submit a support ticket and we will look at adding it to the list.
Is there a client that allows you to connect stay connected 24/7 and connect from anywhere?
Yes, use the link to IRCCloud.
I need some help, where do I go?
You can click on the IRC Webclient above and then ask someone in channel after connecting. There may be times where no one is available, just ask your question and wait. If you get no answer then try back again later, DO NOT write in caps, spam the channel or pm anyone in channel (we maybe away), if you do you may end up being banned. You can also submit a support ticket and we will look at it and get back to you.
Where do I get the bot commands?
All commands for the bots are located in the FAQ's within the Helpdesk system
What do I do if I was banned?
If you were banned and you believe that you have been banned in error, you can submit a support ticket, with a reason why you think you should be unbanned and we will take a look into it.
What if I want to know where in the world is Carmen Sandeigo?
Well, unfortunately I can not help you with that one.

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